LIVO is a fusion of desking + panel system designed for all work styles, creating an enriching ambience that enhances the way of working in new-age living offices.

Bag Hook

Fliptop Wire manager

Electrical provision

Livo Legs

slant leg

one side slant and one side straight leg

straight leg

Color Accents





Livo Screens

frameless fabric screen

frameless glass screen

framed fabric screen

framed glass screen

Removable return seperator

Chamfered corners & colour accents

Name plate, hang-on marker

Add-on glass screen


X-BENCH is designed to complement the hassle-free work style of a young and energetic generation. It is contemporary in styling, simple to maintain, and easily scalable.

Raceway Details

Easy Power integration

Access flap

X-Bench Legs

Straight leg

slant leg

X-Bench Screens

Glass screen

combination of pinup and magnetic screen


DESKPRO is an efficient and organized workstation system that blends in seamlessly in any environment. Its flexible elements in the design provide multiple solutions to create spaces which promote communication and teamwork.

Multi-color leg

wire management

vertical riser

Deskpro Legs

Straight leg

slant leg

loop leg

one side straight one side slant leg

Deskpro Screens

Aluminium beading screen

frameless screen

Screen with 32mm frame

Nylon beading screen


Height adjustable sit stand solutions from AFC are designed and manufactured keeping the agile nature of modern-day work at heart, while focussing on durability aspects of the complex mechanism underneath. These workstations are beneficial in reducing sedentary behaviour and supporting health outside the workplace.

3 stage Leg

Four Memory Function


Designed for efficient spaces which offer productive focus as well as flexibility for effective communication. Numerous panel possibilities, including glass marker board and fabrics with various textures and colours, provide versatility while fusing it with modern aesthetics.
These systems offer thorough support for power and data routing as well as access for individual workstations, facilitating easy access to technology. These systems offer spacious cable ducts with plenty of wire space because there is more than 40mm to 42mm of unobstructed space flowing through the frame or panel. A series of electrical raceways let you mount switches and sockets both above and below the worktop for easy access.

Raceway Provision

Raceway Provision

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