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By thinking of the word ‘office’ we get a busy picture of people working and the files piled up in a corner. But the word ‘peace’ never comes in our mind. Some places give you a positive vibe and make you feel relaxed or comfortable and these places are generally the ones where you find nature. There is an urge for human beings to be connected with other forms of life and the term is known as: biophilia.

green office furniture

Generally, people who reside and work in the urban areas procure peace and comfort in the lapse of nature. And, no it’s not a fad for them to go out for a vacation in the hills, but the regular indoor life in the city has affected their mental and physical health so much that they crave for an escape. A person starts developing a connection with the nature which soothes him. Ten percent of employee’s efficiency can be recouped with the green in the architectural design. Employees feel less sick and are more energetic when exposed to nature view.

office furniture with plants

The advantage of greenery goes beyond being productive and beautiful. Plants are an excellent sound barrier and enhances the morale and air quality of a place. The power of nature is not limited to this only, the presence of nature relieve stress, improves health, provides a cool atmosphere and gives a meditative environment all around.

go green furniture

People looking to redesign their office design can strategically place planters, greenery in the corridors or the space connecting one floor to another. But many tech companies or startups do realise the benefits of greenery in office but don’t want the heavy expenditure and maintenance woes. Another thing which you can do to add the green is decorate your people’s desk with small succulent terrariums. So, create a budget friendly solution and reap the benefits of greenery.

Whether you go green with a terrarium, pottery plant, live walls or a simple succulent, going green is sure going to help you work efficiently and breathe purely.
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Wisely buy your office furniture

Posted on July 18, 2016

Furniture sets the whole environment of the office and greatly affects the efficiency of people. So, buying your office furniture is not an easy task and you need to remember some tips before investing so much money in it. Consider these simple steps before you buy your office furniture:

Take a look

Rather than buying your furniture from one store you should actually look around and see various manufactures and companies selling office furniture. Look and compare the feature, price and clients of the company with whom are planning to get connected for your office furniture.
Many options are available in the market for specialised furniture, ergonomics furniture, modular furniture, etc.

office furniture

Create a plan

The first step you should do before buying furniture is to create a plan. List out the needs and requirements of the employees who will be using the furniture. Consider the effective furniture which can boost up the employees productivity. Read our blog why your employees are not that productive?
Consider the size of people working in office and how they will be comfortable working. Go for the furniture that fits your office space and also promote movement.

actual 2.jpg

Refurbished furniture

Take the old furniture, spruce it up, and then use it. This is one of the least expensive furniture you can buy for your office. The best thing about refurbished furniture is definitely the price but is out of date. So, if you are not fanatic out the style then this is the best option one should go with. This furniture also comes with a warranty.


Consider shipping cost

Consider the place from where you are buying your office furniture. Shipping costs piles up very fast and if you are buying only one desk then there is no point that you get the furniture from a far off place. Buying furniture online seems easy but can hurt your pocket a lot.
Also, while shipping a good number of desks there are chances that you get a damaged product and then the hassles of return or exchange.

office furniture

Visit the showroom

Go, see and feel the furniture yourself. Visit an office furniture showroom and then see what will suit best to your office interior. Office furniture specialist are also there in every showroom to assist you and guide you to buy the correct office furniture.

office furniture
If you are looking for office furniture and need guidance, come to us. Visit and we have the staff which will help you in buying the quality office furniture at a good price.     

We get so stuck in the daily activity that we forget about rolling the eye in the office and see if we need a change. One of the very aspects of driving a business is to realize the little things and making a change. There come many points in which you must realize that it’s high time to redesign your office interior. All you need to do is to take a look and understand them. Here are some points that will tell you when you should change or redesign your office interior.

  1. Low efficiency and productivity of staff
    Nobody likes monotony and people get tired working in the same office in the same chair everyday. Even a slight change in the office interior can do wonders in their performance. The work space plays a huge role in inspiring people to work harder everyday. New lights, new chairs or a new staff also can light up the mind of the employee and he then wishes to work efficiently.
  2. Growth of business
    As your business grows the people working in the office also increases. With every new person coming in your office you need a new space for them. Relocating and increasing the work space is an amazing option but a quick redesign will excite the working employees also.
    Redesigning can include increased space, new furniture and additional storage.
  3. Interior that reflects your business
    Maybe the present furniture that you have is too old and reflects the 90’s looks. With the growing business and business expansion you should also redesign your office furniture. Furniture reflects your style and your company’s vision in all. The heart of the office interior is the furniture and that should be up to date and reflect your style beautifully.
  4. Change in technology
    Furniture and technology should go hand in hand. If you have recently purchased a new technology and the furniture of your office is outdated, trust us people it will leave a negative impact on visitors.
  5. Emerging competition
    These days office interior plays a huge role in attracting young and talented employees. And it’s a fad these days to be employed in a cool office and even companies are investing a lot in their office interior. So, as soon as a new competition lands up in the market you should be prepared with your own kind of uniqueness.
    A major and sudden change is not necessary but small changes only can be a good thing for a employee. Change is a vital element in life and a change can help in freshening up a person’s mind.

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Get the Most Out of Your Office Space

Posted on July 2, 2016

In today’s modern world, office is no less than family. Why should one compromise on the furniture then?

An office is where you will spend the majority of your working hours, making it an area which should be personal, functional, and efficient.

Whether your office is an entire room or a small cubical or a home office, keeping it alive at its full potential is important to make your workday efficient and productive. Here are some ways to get the most out of your office space.

Begin from a scratch

Moving into a new office is both exciting and overwhelming. The best method for managing the hurtle is by starting from the beginning.

Slowly add in what is most vital, beginning with the basics and working upwards. By doing this, you are objectively evaluating each item for its true importance.

Get the Most Out of Your Office Space


Keep the necessary item

It can be difficult to eliminate items from your office, especially if they’ve had a continuance presence. However, it’s important to evaluate each object based on its purpose.

Get the Most Out of Your Office Space


Wisely choose furniture.

When selecting objects to fill your office, it’s important to use forward-thinking in your decisions. Since furniture is the heart of your office, choosing pieces which are useful and stylish is vital.

Get the Most Out of Your Office Space


Be minimalistic.

When designing your office, being minimalist is an important technique for maximizing your space. It’s best to choose one large desk to serve the required purpose. A large filing cabinet to hold your papers is better than several tiny shelves, creating a cluttered appearance. A laptop will save on the space wasted by a desktop computer and all the included cords. Think “compact” when decorating your office.

Get the Most Out of Your Office Space


Prioritize functionality.

Office space is intended to be as efficient and organized as possible. This can mean filing paperwork alphabetically, but it can also mean keeping your pencil sharpener or stapler on your desk for immediate access. Being minimalist is crucial, but being functional is just as important.

Get the Most Out of Your Office Space


Optimize your wall space.

As your floor space may be limited, take advantage of your wall space. While pictures and other forms of decoration add flair, be sure to use every opportunity for functionality. If you are in a cubical, placing tack-boards on the wall to keep yourself organized will increase productivity. If you have your own office room, take advantage of the space to include shelving as storage. This will also draw the eye upwards and disguise the small floor space of your office.

Get the Most Out of Your Office Space


Keep clean

Leaving objects on your desk or not returning files to their proper cabinets is a common habit, but one which will return your office to its counter-productive state. To ensure your space functions at its highest potential, take time to tidy up your office after a long day of work to maintain its efficient, minimalistic design.

Get the Most Out of Your Office Space


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Working overtime in an office is a regular thing these days due to the increasing demand of business. Employees prefer to work longer in office as to separate work life from home. But why work over time? Is it the workload or the interior that is causing a hindrance in the employees productivity? A good thought to actually ponder over.
Maybe, it is the office interior that the person is unable to complete tasks in the working hours and thus stays for longer hours. People love working in a cafeteria or a bar height cafe table than working in the office. But why this happens? A person is either not comfortable in the office or might not be able to concentrate due to open working culture. Or a person is bored of the monotony and the same desk. He or she might take twice as long to complete the given work.


You should be well aware of the loopholes in your office infrastructure. Open your eyes and walk in the office and pen down the needs and improvements you have to make. Office interior causing a hindrance in the productivity of the employees should be the last thing happening.

Ergonomic and healthy furniture should always be promoted keeping in mind the wellness of an employee.
Take a survey and ask the employees what problems they face while working in an office. Your office interior is an important aspect and a core factor as to why employees love coming to the office daily. Seeing a bright office interior brightens up a day and the furniture on which you sit is an important factor of course.


So, if you are still working in a silver metal cabinet then it’s time to come to us and make a change. Do justice to the people who are forming your company by enhancing your furniture.